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Dino Product Market

Dino Plus offers customers with various types of product lines—material handling sector, waste management sector, general industrial sector, home appliance sector and furniture sector.

Dino Pallet—with over 800 models—proposes export pallet and warehouse pallet for every industry. Dino Pallet is durable with competitive price. It is well-received among our customer in both domestic and international market. 

Dino Bin has many sizes and styles—wheelie bin, standing bin and pedal bin—so it is suitable for customer in every industry for waste management. 

Dino Container with honey-comb structure offer customers with strong container on various styles—solid, perforate and semi-solid. 

Dino Bucket is designed with 2 styles—12 squares and round—and they can be used in multi-purpose handling. 

Dino Basin and Dino Chair are designed for general home appliance which customers can enjoy the product’s strength with an affordable price.