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Magna Insulated Cooler Box

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The Manufacturer of Plastic Pallets

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Stable and Durable

Dino Pallets are produced in good structure design which make them strong and durable.

Convenient & Safety

Dino pallets are easy and safe to handle whether with equipment or even hands.

Quality Standard & Testing

Dino products assure its quality to meet ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Green

Dino pallets are perfectly recyclable and can be manufactured from 100% recycled material.

About Us


Our brand “Dino Plus”, under the operation of Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd., offers you wide range of high quality plastic products. We are one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Thailand for injecting plastic pallets, plastic bins, plastic containers and other related plastic products. Our company’s management is effectively organized and approved with the certification of ISO 9001: 2015. Under the mantra of superiority, our products are cautiously checked in order to guarantee customers satisfaction and absolute products’ excellences.

The Story Behind Our Brand Name "DINO-PLUS"🦖🦖🦕

At DINOSAUR, we believe that our brand name represents the core values and qualities that set us apart in the plastic pallet industry. Here's why we chose the name "DINO-PLUS"  for our brand:

1.Strength & Durability: Dinosaurs were known for their incredible strength and resilience. Similarly, our plastic pallets are designed to be robust and long-lasting, capable of withstanding heavy loads and challenging environments. With DINOSAUR, you can trust in the strength and durability of our products.

2.Timeless Legacy: Dinosaurs have left a lasting legacy in the history of our planet. Likewise, we aim to create a lasting impact with our plastic pallets. Our goal is to provide solutions that stand the test of time, ensuring your goods are transported and stored safely for years to come.

3.Evolution & Innovation: Dinosaurs evolved and adapted to thrive in different environments. At DINOSAUR, we embrace the spirit of evolution and innovation. We continually strive to improve our products, incorporating the latest advancements in materials and design to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

4.Power & Stature: Dinosaurs were known for their impressive size and stature, commanding attention wherever they roamed. Similarly, our "DINO-PLUS" brand aims to make a statement in the plastic pallet industry. We offer products that are not only functional but also visually impactful, elevating your business's presence.

5.Uniqueness: Dinosaurs are unique and fascinating creatures, capturing the imagination of people of all ages. Similarly, our "DINO-PLUS"   brand stands out from the competition with its distinctive name and commitment to quality. When you choose "DINO-PLUS", you're choosing a brand that is as unique as your business.

By selecting the brand name "DINO-PLUS" for our plastic pallets, we embody the qualities of strength, durability, timelessness, innovation, power, and uniqueness. Trust "DINO-PLUS" for plastic pallets that are truly extraordinary!


Dino products are diverse, suitable for customers in a variety of industries, plastic pallets, plastic containers, fruit container with steel handles, insulated cooler box, plastic baskets, plastic basins, cement mixing basins, plastic chairs, plastic drawer, plastic chicken crate and others plastic.


4 Jun 2024

ProPak Asia 2024

in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok on 12 to 15 June 2024

TOTO Standing Bins Plastic translucent with color lid 1 Swing Lid
16 May 2024

Available in 5 vibrant colors: green, yellow, red, blue and orange.

>> Let’s go Beyond Food Experience at THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2024!
26 Apr 2024

Don’t miss out… On 28 May - 1 June 2024 at IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand.

DCT1002 TECO plastic crate model TECO 1002 Capacity 42 liters
17 Apr 2024

Products ready for delivery - Special price - Grade A crates, thick, strong, durable, Food Grade, can go into cold storage.

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