Why Dino :: DINO-PLUS
Location 71, 71/1 Mu 2 Salaya, Pudthamonthon Nakornphathom 73170
Stable and Durable

      With more than 25 years of experience in pallet designing, engineering and manufacturing, Dino pallets are capable of meeting various application requirements.

      Dino pallets are manufactured using injection molding process that allows maximum pallet structural design which makes Dino Pallets strong and durable.

Convenient & Safety

   Dino pallets are easy and safe to handle whether with equipment or even hands. No splinters or nails that can be commonly found on wooden pallets.

   With option of anti-slip rubber on the surface of pallet, the goods or loads are safely transported on the pallet.

Quality Standard & Testing

         Under quality management using ISO 9001:2015  standard, Dino pallets are manufactured to assure its quality to meet customer satisfaction.

   Dino pallets are tested both in-house and through certified Third Party such as JIS Standard from Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR).  

Testing of static loading, dynamic loading and racking loading are carried out in-house testing and drop test, compression test and bending test are tested by Third Party (TISTR) following JIS standard procedure to ensure the quality of pallets. 

Environment Green 

Dino pallets are perfectly recyclable and can be manufactured from 100% recycled material.