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Velo Series

Medium-Duty Dino Pallet is a super pallet for warehouse usage. Our Dino Pallet on this series is made under HDPE which is flexible and resistant to an impact. It can handle the loading up to 5000 kgs statically and even have an option of steel-reinforced to make it rackable up to 1000 kgs. Our Dino pallet is cost effective and value for money. Besides, our pallet is produced and tested under JIS standard. Dino Medium-Duty pallet has various styles and features which make our Dino Pallet to be the number one’s plastic pallet in their category.

WMV 1012 VL

WMV 1012 VLSS-3

WMV 1012 VLSS-6

WMV 1111 VL

WMV 1111 VLSS-6

WMV 1212 VL

WMV 1212 VLSS-6

EMV 1012 VL

EMV 1012 VLSS-3

EMV 1012 VLSS-6

EMV 1111 VL

EMV 1111 VLSS-3

EMV 1111 VLSS-6

EMV 1212 VLSS-3

EMV 1212 VLSS-6